Saturday, November 21, 2020

Stay cool!


    The gears and springs of our world are wound TIGHT. You can almost feel the tremble and strain in the air when you leave home or watch the news. The never ending war in Afghanistan. The pandemic. The election. The gears just keep getting wound tighter and tighter.

    It has never been more important for us to keep our own personal gears under control. We need to remember that all those things we tell ourselves, about American greatness, really are true and that we will get through this. We are going to elect a president and our government will continue. You may not get the candidate you want, but, to be honest, half of us, more or less, lose every election. And if your boy loses, that’s just how it goes. Accept it and move on.

    Don’t let the paranoia spread. We can only deal with one pandemic at a time. We don’t need an emotional, political virus consuming us. If it sounds crazy, it probably is crazy.

     We’ve been under a considerable amount of pressure for well over a year. And it’s not likely to ease up soon. We’ve got to be strong. We have to trust in our democracy. We have to have trust in each other and in ourselves.

Be strong, 5th District

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Wear your mask!


    It’s time to take things seriously. Covid numbers are getting bad, and there’s no amount of wishful thinking going to change things. We need to wear our masks, and we need to wear them right. We can’t keep slacking off and hoping that things will magically improve. We can’t keep pretending that what is going on isn’t real.

    It is time to behave like adults and be responsible. Wear your mask!

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Thank you!


Election Day Has Come and Gone


Well, I am no longer a candidate for office. Election Day has passed me by. But that’s ok, it taught me a lot of lessons as it ran me over.

Before I begin, let me thank you for your support and interest. Running for office was an amazing, POSTIVE experience. Thank you.  

Ok, that being said, I’m not going to make a lot of excuses about the pandemic keeping me inside during campaign season. It is what it is and it affected everyone equally. I’d have loved to have gotten out and been able to meet more people, but it wasn’t possible. Not this time, anyway.

- SOLUTION: Start getting out and meeting people NOW! Don’t wait until 2022 or 2024. Do it NOW!


Second lesson, I was unprepared. I did not  intend to run this season, but when the Democrats failed to put up a candidate and the Republicans (no surprise) failed to primary the incumbent, I felt that I had no option. Elections should be about giving voters a choice, and without me and my Libertarian ballot buddy there was no choice other than the incumbent.

- SOLUTION: We have got to cultivate, develop, and train candidates NOW to be ready to run in every election. There should be a Republican, a Democrat and as many Libertarians and Independents on every ticket as possible.

          The 5th Senate district covers SIX counties. At primary time there should be a Republican and a Democrat from each county on the ballot. The same for every House district!


Third lesson, I cannot be both a full-time public-school teacher and a serious political candidate at the same time. Maybe others can, but I cannot. I owe my students more than being their distracted teacher. Honestly, the pandemic saved me there, it gave me time to campaign virtually.

- SOLUTION:  There is no question about it, if I decide to run again I am going to have to retire from teaching. It’s the only way to be fair to my students and the campaign.


There are other lessons I learned, but those are the big ones. I need to better budget my campaign. I need to do a better job of learning how to talk about myself. I need to be bolder asking people for campaign donations.


In closing, I would like to wish the incumbent wisdom, courage and patience in his next four years as our elected representative. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Yard signs are here!

 Hello 5th District!

If you would like one of these All American, union made, Red, White & Blue, Veteran Proud "Whipple for the 5th District" signs to proudly display in your yard, contact me and I will be glad to hook you up!

These signs are guaranteed to encourage voting, promote democracy and pride in our community!

Text me with contact info at (270) 945-3336 or Facebook messenger me.

There is a limited number, so act now! Offer only good until Nov. 3rd. My name is John Whipple and I endorse this message!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

A Veterans Story


How often does a monumental moment in your life occur, and then you suddenly realize that 30 years have passed since that moment?

When I first joined the service the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact were our main threats. I served as an Infantryman in West Germany from 81-83 and our mission, 100% of the time was to be prepared to stop the Soviets WHEN (not IF) they charged through the Fulda Gap.

In 1986 I took the German course at the DOD Foreign Language School. It would have been nice to study German to be a tourist and learn how to order yet one more beer. But the focus of our course was to learn German in order to stop that Soviet Threat.

For the next four years I worked alongside US military Russian, Polish, Czech and German linguists in tactical and aviation collection units conducting missions on the threat. For those of us serving in Germany at that time the border was a well-known neighbor. We knew every inch of it from north to south and were ready to destroy anyone who dared cross it. We knew the West German countryside as well as we knew our homes back in the states and were willing to fight and die for our comrades, the people of West Germany. Many Soldiers there were like me, with our families living there with us. We knew that it was a risk, but it was a risk we felt worth taking.

We never expected the German mission to end. We thought that the Wall would stand for a hundred years. Seemingly overnight it started to crack, and once that first crack appeared, it spread like a lightning bolt, dashing across East Germany and destroying it forever.

We watched on TV, in amazement, as people danced on the Wall and tore it apart with a vengeance. I was on a mission, on the border not long after and a family of Easties strolled across our section of the border on their way shopping, to a place that they’ve live all their lives within just a few miles of, but had never been to.

Our Cold War mission was remarkable. We stood up to an overwhelming foe and they collapsed. We were determined and resolute. I am proud of my Cold War time, and the men and women that I served with. We made a difference. It is difficult to believe that it has been 30 years since we Reunified a broken nation and prevented a world war.

I have faith in the new generation of our military serving in hot spots all over the world. We owe them a debt of honor, respect, and gratitude as they place themselves in harms way for the sake of peace. We must support them at all costs while they serve and when they return home to begin new lives as Veterans. This is my pledge, we will repay the debt that we owe our Vets.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

About Me


Every year teachers and students always spend the first week or so getting to know each other. This year, because of Covid, we did not really have that chance, so I made a short classroom video instead.

I decided that I ought to share it here as well. If it is good enough for the classroom it ought to be good enough for the public.

I did add a few slides at the end, the political stuff, that the kids did NOT see. I am careful to leave politics out of the classroom.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

KEPAC Endorses Independent John Whipple


I am immensely proud to announce that my campaign has been endorsed by the Kentucky Educator’s Political Action Committee. It is a great honor to have the faith and trust of so many of Kentucky’s educators. It is my intent that their voices are heard and heeded in Frankfort.


KEPAC is a non-partisan organization. Their interest is in who is the best candidate to promote public schools and public-school educators in Frankfort. Every election they endorse Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike. There are members of both parties, serving in Frankfort right now, with KEPAC endorsements.


I try to avoid talking about my opponent in this race. It is not about him and his failings. It is about me, and how I will represent the 5th District. I do think that it is important to mention that while the incumbent is a sitting member of the Senate Education committee, he has NOT been endorsed by KEPAC or any other public education group. He is not seen as a friend to public education and sits on the committee with the purpose of moving state and federal tax money away from public schools and into private hands.


We must protect public education. It is the cornerstone of our democracy. Do not listen to the lies and misinformation found on social media about the poor condition of our schools. Come visit a school, talk to a teacher, attend a school board meeting. You will see, public school teachers care about their students and our students want to be in class to learn.


What we need are legislators who will not hold the resources teachers need hostage to their personal and political agenda.

Thank you.


Stay cool!

       The gears and springs of our world are wound TIGHT. You can almost feel the tremble and strain in the air when you leave home or wa...