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I grew up with radio. Yeah, I know, I’m an old timer. Anyway, I prefer to get my news and information on the radio. 

The Louisville NPR channel.

89.3 on your FM dial. 

The Bowling Green NPR channel.

Found at 88.9 and 90.9


I’ll start off with NPR. I’ve been a listener for years. It’s PUBLIC radio, which means it’s non-profit. They don’t have advertisers which means the content they provide is what the local listeners want, not what some guy with an advertising degree thinks will make us by more stuff.

Also NPR has the best state and local news you will find. They are broadcast by our state universities, and they UNDERSTAND state and local issues.

PS WKY has the BEST country/blue grass on Sundays. They have a show called “Old Scratchy Records” that is just GREAT!


You can’t beat the BBC for international and world news. These guys wrote the book on professional journalism. And they are everywhere, with reports coming in from all over the globe.

PS-WFPL does a BBC broadcast every night.


104.3 FM


I love this channel. It has this wonderful hometown sound which makes me glad I live here. There’s more national affiliate content than I like but they still have a strong local news program.

More and more I’ve been trying to find podcasts to listen to as well. So far these are what I listen to regular:

The Thomas Jefferson Hour

I’ve linked to the webpage here. The host, Clay Jenkinson, is brilliant. He is probably one of the world’s most pre-eminent Jefferson scholars. His show tends to examine today’s modern world through the eyes of Thomas Jefferson. Clay is pretty honest about things and if you get your feelings hurt by the truth you may want to skip this one.

My Old Kentucky Podcast


I’m not going to provide a link, you can find in your podcast app.


Of, first off I’m going to say, these guys are progressives. They talk to Democrats. But they KNOW what they are talking about and they KNOW Kentucky and Louisville news.

If you know of a right leaning podcast that talks about Kentucky issues please share it, I’d like to listen and give it a fair shot.                     

Hey, guess what! I still read newspapers. True, I read the on-line versions but that’s because I’m not a millionaire.

The Herald – News

This is our local paper. It’s a weekly and I try to keep a current subscription. I enjoy it, it’s fun to read about the good things my former students and neighbors are up to. And they are the best at local news.

The Courier Journal

The Louisville paper. I’ve just started following it so I don’t know much about it. We’ll see.

The News Enterprise

The Elizabethtown newspaper. Strong local coverage. Especially if you like high school sports.

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