Friday, September 9, 2022

There is a choice!

We’ve all been there. In the voting booth, looking at the ballot, pondering the two choices, or, more and more often, only the one.

You’re thinking, “I wish I had a choice. I don’t like either one of these guys.” 

So you take the write-in option. You write your own name. Or your Dads. Or Santa Claus.  I bet Mickey Mouse has probably received more votes, all together, than any other candidate in history.

Well 10th District, I’m asking you to write in MY name on that ballot this election day. Give Mickey Mouse a break. He’s not real.                   

I’m very real. And I want to serve the 10th district as Congressman.

I’d like your comments. I’d like you to share this message. And I’d like you to Write in Whipple on 8 November.


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