Saturday, September 10, 2022

Be a Precinct Officer!


Good day Citizens!

Help Wanted: Precinct Officers!

Most of the time folks call them poll watchers, but their official title is Precinct Officer. Their duty is to make sure that we have free and fair elections. Sounds like a proud and reasonable way to me to spend election day.

State law says that every precinct has to have FOUR precinct election officers on duty during the election. That shouldn’t be hard to find, should it?

The problem is that it has ALWAYS been difficult to find enough precinct watchers. And this year is even worse. With all the talk about election fraud people are, well, frankly, afraid to serve.

It is time for us to stand proud and support our election system. Voting should be the MINIMUM thing we do during an election.

I am challenging our teachers to volunteer to be precinct officers. Schools are closed and you even get paid for it! Show your students that we mean what we say when we tell them that they must be involved in our communities.

I am running for office so I cannot serve as a precinct officer. But that can’t stop me from encouraging you to do it.

Below is the link. Check it out. And then call the county clerk and set up a training date!

Breckinridge County Clerk: Mr. Jared Butler (270) 756-6166

Hardin County Clerk: Ms. Debbie Conelly (270) 765-2171

Meade County Clerk: Ms, Judy Jordan (270) 422-2152


Thanks for your time!

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