Saturday, November 21, 2020

Stay cool!


    The gears and springs of our world are wound TIGHT. You can almost feel the tremble and strain in the air when you leave home or watch the news. The never ending war in Afghanistan. The pandemic. The election. The gears just keep getting wound tighter and tighter.

    It has never been more important for us to keep our own personal gears under control. We need to remember that all those things we tell ourselves, about American greatness, really are true and that we will get through this. We are going to elect a president and our government will continue. You may not get the candidate you want, but, to be honest, half of us, more or less, lose every election. And if your boy loses, that’s just how it goes. Accept it and move on.

    Don’t let the paranoia spread. We can only deal with one pandemic at a time. We don’t need an emotional, political virus consuming us. If it sounds crazy, it probably is crazy.

     We’ve been under a considerable amount of pressure for well over a year. And it’s not likely to ease up soon. We’ve got to be strong. We have to trust in our democracy. We have to have trust in each other and in ourselves.

Be strong, 5th District

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