Saturday, September 26, 2020

About Me


Every year teachers and students always spend the first week or so getting to know each other. This year, because of Covid, we did not really have that chance, so I made a short classroom video instead.

I decided that I ought to share it here as well. If it is good enough for the classroom it ought to be good enough for the public.

I did add a few slides at the end, the political stuff, that the kids did NOT see. I am careful to leave politics out of the classroom.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

KEPAC Endorses Independent John Whipple


I am immensely proud to announce that my campaign has been endorsed by the Kentucky Educator’s Political Action Committee. It is a great honor to have the faith and trust of so many of Kentucky’s educators. It is my intent that their voices are heard and heeded in Frankfort.


KEPAC is a non-partisan organization. Their interest is in who is the best candidate to promote public schools and public-school educators in Frankfort. Every election they endorse Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike. There are members of both parties, serving in Frankfort right now, with KEPAC endorsements.


I try to avoid talking about my opponent in this race. It is not about him and his failings. It is about me, and how I will represent the 5th District. I do think that it is important to mention that while the incumbent is a sitting member of the Senate Education committee, he has NOT been endorsed by KEPAC or any other public education group. He is not seen as a friend to public education and sits on the committee with the purpose of moving state and federal tax money away from public schools and into private hands.


We must protect public education. It is the cornerstone of our democracy. Do not listen to the lies and misinformation found on social media about the poor condition of our schools. Come visit a school, talk to a teacher, attend a school board meeting. You will see, public school teachers care about their students and our students want to be in class to learn.


What we need are legislators who will not hold the resources teachers need hostage to their personal and political agenda.

Thank you.


Friday, September 11, 2020

My 9/11 Story


          I was stationed at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California when 9/11 struck. Since CA is on PST we were still getting up and getting ready for work when it hit.

          At first it was all unclear what had happened. But as I drove into work, listening to NPR, details started to come in.

          I remember that it was a clear, beautiful day, and I remember thinking what a nightmare the day must be for those involved. Directly involved, because 9/11 would soon involve the whole world.

          I had just completed the Russian Interpreters Course and was supposed to test that day but the command quickly canceled all testing. Instead we did what nearly everyone else did that day, we watched the news. It was weird for us language students, we had access to world-wide satellite TV so my class, we watched the 9/11 news in Russian. The Russians news casters were just as stunned and shocked as we were and seemed to genuinely care. I do not trust the Russian government one inch, but I dearly love the Russian people and they truly grieved on 9/11 right along with us.

          Life changed on DLI that day, just like everywhere else. It used to be an open post, civilians drive through it on their way back and forth, from work, to home or wherever. 9/11 was on a Tuesday, and by the end of the day we had Soldiers manning the gates and checking ID’s. If you know anything about DLI you would know how unusual this was. DLI used to be more college campus than military base.

          Six months after 9/11 I was actually in Russia. And the Russian people were amazing. For the first time ever, for the ONLY time, Russian people came up to me and spoke to me. “God Bless America” was what they said. I will never forget their sincere compassion.

          On this 19th anniversary of 9/11 I want to wish each of you a blessed day. When we say, “Never Forget” I would like to ask each of us to remember who we are. That we are ALL Americans. And that if we can’t remember that, the terrorists won.


Be well, friends.  

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