Wednesday, July 8, 2020

What does being an Independent mean to me?

          Expect me to vote on issues, rather than party affiliation. There are certain things that the state government must provide. Safe roads, effective schools, and a stable environment for business. Those are the necessities and I want to make sure that we take care of the necessities first. I will vote for whatever bill provides the most secure way for us to meet our long-term needs.

          Party politics are too wrapped up in national level concerns. The competition for control of the White House and the Congress has trickled down and interfered with the effective operation of our own state government.
          I look at Republicans and Democrats at the Federal level and honestly, I don’t see anyone who cares about you and me here in Breck, Meade, Grayson, Edmonson, Hart and LaRue counties. They all want our votes, (and our money!) but what have they done for us? What do they know about us?
          I look at Republicans and Democrats at the state level and I see little difference between the two. I've been to Frankfort, I've met many of our legislators, from both parties and, generally, they are all good people who care about Kentucky. The one or two key issues which divide most Kentucky Republicans and Democrats politically aren’t even issues which the state has control over, they are FEDERAL issues.
          Kentucky voters need to quit letting national politics influence state decisions.

          Our lawmakers must follow the rules. The past few years we have had several illegal laws passed in Kentucky. Laws passed by lawmakers KNOWING that those laws would be challenged in court and expecting the courts to allow their law to stand because they hoped that courts would favor them.
          I will not vote for an illegal law, even if it is something that we want or need. The ends do not justify the means.
          Instead of letting the courts decide what the law is, we need to change the law as needed. And if this means fighting a battle to the US Congress, then that is what needs to be done.

          As an Independent lawmaker I will have an opportunity to get things done that those with a strong party affiliation can’t have. There are many, many solutions to our problems that Republicans and Democrats won’t discuss or even consider because they are afraid that it is unpopular politically. I want to bring all possible solutions out into the open where we can at least discuss them and let the people decide what actions Kentucky will take.

          My decision to be an Independent candidate is a commitment to the people of  the 5th District. It is a commitment that I will be working for YOU, and not pushing a political agenda from Frankfort or Washington.

John Whipple
The 5th District Project

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